Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help with planning the 2018 Creative Commons Global Summit.

An event like the Creative Commons Global Summit would be impossible without the support of dedicated volunteers from our community. In 2018 we’re offering a variety of interesting and challenging opportunities for you to contribute to the Global Summit!

Volunteering to support the Global Summit falls into two categories:

  • pre-summit planning committee work, and
  • volunteer work to help run the summit event itself.

Both are important to the success of the event, and both benefit everyone in attendance (and by extension, the broader CC community at large.)

At the moment we are calling for for volunteers who wish to help with pre-Summit planning work. (Closer to the Summit there will be a separate call for those who wish to volunteer to help during the event.)

There are currently two volunteer opportunities: Program Advisory Committee, and Scholarship Evaluation Committee. As you go through the volunteer application form, you will be provided with details of each committee’s work and the commitment required of volunteers, and asked to tell us about your interests related to this work. You are welcome to express your interest in one or both of these committees.

For all pre-Summit planning committee volunteers, on completion of committee work, your registration fee for the 2018 Summit will be waived by CC. If you require additional funding to attend, you must apply for a scholarship (except Scholarship Evaluation Committee who are ineligible to apply for scholarship).

Committee assignments will be based on the number of applications received and the diversity of skills and experience represented. Deadline for volunteer applications is Sunday, November 26, 2017, but preference will be given to early applicants.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please reach out to us at summit@creativecommons.org.

To access the volunteer application form for 2018 Global Summit planning committees please CLICK HERE.