Sessions and Speakers

Session Speaker Track
CC Certificates – Spread the Cred Paul Stacey Community & movement
CC Global Summit for Newbies Simeon Oriko Community & movement
 Lessons from failures in Open Advocacy  Leslie Chan  Community & movement
 Building a culture of appreciation for the new global network  Evelin Heidel (scann)  Community & movement
 CC in the South Seas: lessons learned in Aotearoa New Zealand  Elizabeth Heritage  Community & movement
 How our CC license spawned a world class translation community and never slowed us down  Jeremy Clarke  Community & movement
 NextGen Open: Planting Seeds to Cultivate Open Advocates, Scholars, and Creators  Lillian Rigling & Lauren Di Monte  Community & movement, Policy & Advocacy, Spheres of Open
 Sage Bionetworks: supporting communities in an increasingly decentralize biomedical research ecosystem  Brian Bot  Community & movement
 Una agenda latinoamericana para Creative Commons. Desafíos y trabajo colaborativo.  Maria Juliana Soto  Community & movement
 Open for a living  Kelsey Wiens  Community & movement
 An explosion of languages and versions of early literacy content: Saide’s African Storybook initiative
– Open Collaboration & CC as a catalyst for growth in Book Dash’s movement to tackle SA’s literacy crisis.
– Social Publishing – A way to address the scarcity of multilingual reading resources for childrenWorking Programs for the New CC Global Network: How Can We Work Together?
 TBD  Community & movement
 TDM: Legal aspects, skills and community input  TBD  Community & movement
 TDM: Legal aspects, skills and community input  Freyja Van Den Boom  Policy and Advocacy, Usable Commons
 Copywrong – a live performance-as-tool  Fatima Sao Simao  Policy and Advocacy
 Advancing Open Education and through Open Government  Nicole Allen  Policy and Advocacy
 Beyond Copyright as Content Control, Convincing Policy Makers to Open Up  Meredith Jacob  Policy and Advocacy
 Campaigning for copyright reform: new perspectives and lessons learned  Vladimir Garay  Policy and Advocacy, Community & movement
Develop an Open Education Policy  Amanda Coolidge  Policy and Advocacy, Spheres of Open
 Fixing copyright for education  Teresa Nobre  Policy and Advocacy
 Kickstarting a CC-wide copyright reform platform in support of the commons  Timothy Vollmer  Policy and Advocacy
 OMG OFG! Open, Flexible and General Copyright User Rights  Mike Palmedo  Policy and Advocacy
 Policy “listening session”: surfacing legal and policy issues areas and trends that affect CC  Timothy Vollmer  Policy and Advocacy
 Index, Map, Registry – how can we track open policies around the world?  Alek Tarkowski  Policy and Advocacy
 Copyright and trade deals: how to advocate for a progressive agenda?  TBD


 Policy and Advocacy
 Ingredients of co-creating an Open Data Initiative  Gaurav Godhwani  Spheres of Open, Usable Commons
 P2PU: Strengthening OER through study groups in libraries  Grif Peterson  Spheres of Open
 Creative Commons at the Library – What Potential and How To Realise It  Stephen Wyber  Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy
 21st Century Education in the Context of Open  Aria Chernik  Spheres of Open
 A Bottom-Up Approach to OER Policy Development: The Case of School Education Systems in Sri Lanka, Botswana and Cameroon  Dr. Ishan Abeywardena  Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy
 A platform for Open GLAM in the new Global Network Structure  Evelin Heidel (scann)  Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy
 Adapting to Adaptations: Helping the people behind the work  Lauri Aesoph & Amanda Coolidge  Spheres of Open
 Creative Commons at the World Bank: Celebrating 5 years of open knowledge sharing  Mayya Revzina  Spheres of Open
 Canadian Cultural Heritage in the Commons  Allana Mayer  Spheres of Open, Usable Commons
 CC Film Festival in Uruguay, challenges and opportunities.  Ileana Silva  Spheres of Open
 CC Global Network Open Education Platform Workshop  Cable Green  Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy
 How can the Commons stay relevant? A closer look at the engagement strategies coming from the European Museums.  Alicja Peszkowska  Spheres of Open, Usable Commons
 Made to share: how to make open content the default  Sebastiaan ter Burg  Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy
 OER in K12: Moving it forward  Rory McGreal  Spheres of Open
 OER in lesser used languages  Batbold Zagdragchaa  Spheres of Open, Community & movement
 Open Source Curriculum Creation with Shapeways and the New York Public Library (Make It, Print It, Sell It: Intro to 3D Printing and Digital Entrepreneurship) (Lauren Slowik, Aaron McGuire, Dr. Laura Taalman)  Lauren Slowik  Spheres of Open, Future of the Commons, Usable Commons
 Outreach and Education by large Scientific (or just Physics) collaborations  Arturo Sanchez Pineda  Spheres of Open, Community & movement
 SDG4 + OER: Working Together to Mainstream Open Education  Cable Green  Spheres of Open, Policy and Advocacy
 Support for open access to knowledge based on journal services and researchers  Meilyn Garro  Spheres of Open
 Towards a Scholarly Commons Bianca Kramer, Jeroen Bosman, Bastian Greshake  Spheres of Open, Future of the Commons
 Wanting to make a difference: Students contributions to Wikipedia as educational motivator  Zachary McDowell  Spheres of Open
 DIY Approaches to Make the Digital Public Domain grow  Evelin Heidel (scann)  Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy, Usable Commons
 Freeing the Seed, Sowing the Commons (Open Source Seed Initiative)  Thomas Michaels Spheres of Open, The Future of the Commons, Usable Commons
 A Platform for Big Thinking About the Future of the Commons (Paul Stacey)  Paul Stacey  The Future of the Commons, Usable Commons
 Authors Salon  Paul Stacey  The Future of the Commons
 Made with Creative Commons: a conversation with the authors and a focus on open business models based on CC (Paul Stacey & Sarah Pearson)  Paul Stacey, Sarah Pearson  The Future of the Commons, Spheres of Open
 How to protect Free Culture in the Future (Jerowlaw)  Jaroslaw Lipszyc  The Future of the Commons, Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy
 What is exactly a commons oriented initiative and how could it be sustainable?  Marcela Basch The Future of the Commons
 Bringing the Commons Back to Sharing  Maira Sutton The Future of the Commons, Usable Commons
 Commonification, Sharing and Creative Commons: Towards Platforms of Digital Dignity  Alexandros Nousias The Future of the Commons, Usable Commons
 Negotiating for Open  Laura Hilliger The Future of the Commons, Spheres of Open, Policy & Advocacy
 Platform Cooperativism  Trebor Scholtz The Future of the Commons, Usable Commons
 Preloading not backfilling. Preparing our children for a life of Open  Paula Eskett The Future of the Commons, Spheres of Open
 Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons  Maira Sutton The Future of the Commons
 The Future of Publishing Business Models: creating a shared research agenda  Jessica Stevens The Future of the Commons, Spheres of Open
 This Conversation is OPEN – a global campfire chat  Helen Dewaard The Future of the Commons
 Help us forge links between co-ops and the commons  Doug Belshaw, Laura Hilliger  The Future of the Commons
 Faces of the Commons: How Can the People of Creative Commons Change the World? (Anna Mazgal)  Ana Mazgal  The Future of the Commons
 How to make good on the Creative Commons Promise?  Charles Roslof  Usable Commons, The Future of the Commons
 Share or Die: Is the Future of Manufacturing Open Source? Open Hardware Business Models  Christian Villum, Paul Stacey  Usable Commons, The Future of the Commons, Spheres of Open
 Sharing norms that go beyond the licenses and CC’s role, starting with 3D design community  Michael Weinberg, Tony Buser, Meghan Coakley, Ben Malouf, Jeric Bautista, Meredith Jacob, Jane Park, Sarah Pearson  Usable Commons, Spheres of Open
 How to encourage prosocial behavior  Sarah Pearson, Juliet Barbara, Alex Feerst, Tony Buser  Usable Commons, The Future of the Commons
 CC Search: Usability, Features, and Partners  Ryan Merkley, Liza Daly, Rob Myers, Maarten Zeinstra  Usable Commons
 CC Usability: Reimagining CC’s tools for real users  Ryan Merkley, Eric Steuer, Jane Park, Charles M. Roslof, Alex Feerst, Melissa Nightingale  Usable Commons