2019 Program

The Call for Proposals is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a session. The Program Committee is completing their evaluations and we will be in touch shortly with those who have been selected.

The 2019 Global Summit will be co-hosted by CC and CC Portugal, and we owe tremendous gratitude to the CC Portugal team for their insight and assistance. We also want to congratulate and thank Teresa Nobre and Timothy Vollmer, our Program Committee Chairs, for stepping up to lead our community planning.

Summit Goal

We’re unleashing a global community in action. This year, individuals are joining the reformed CC Global Network, chapters are setting up and hosting their first meetings, the Global Network Council is gathering for the first time, platforms are solidifying their goals and proposing projects. We are continuing down the path from re-organisation and rebuilding to action.

Summit Tracks

The Summit will be organized by tracks. Each session must be aligned with at least one track, in addition to aligning with the Summit goal.

  • Creators of the Commons (artists, makers, creators)
  • Building the Commons (tools, tech, community that makes the commons run)
  • Ethics of Openness (diversity, equity, inclusion, gender, de-colonisation and the role of the commons)
  • Open Education, Open Science and Open Access
  • Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums
  • Legal, Policy and Copyright Reform

For more information on how you can get involved, please join our Summit mailing list for updates.