Panel Presentations

Creative Commons is excited to introduce a new element to the annual CC Global Summit! For the first time, we will be adding panel discussions to the program, with the goal of providing a deep dive into a range of intersecting or emerging trends in the open movement. 

We’re looking forward to these conversations and are grateful to the panelists for helping create this valuable addition to our program.

Creative Commons 20th Anniversary 

Creative Commons turns 20 this year! Panelists from CC’s early days as well as newer members will celebrate the CC community’s accomplishments, new priorities, and look ahead to what we hope to achieve in the coming years. 

Emerging Trends 

We’re seeing more innovative uses of the open digital ecosystem, from non-fungible tokens creating overnight millionaires, new cryptocurrencies, and efforts to build global financial and health equity. At the same time, there are new threats to contend with in an increasingly digital world, including ethical uses of artificial intelligence, privacy, and security. This panel will bring experts at the frontier of digital openness to discuss challenges and opportunities in the Internet’s next chapter. 

Link Rot 

Link rot (also called link death, link breaking, or reference rot) is the phenomenon of hyperlinks tending over time to cease to point to their originally targeted file, web page, or server due to that resource being relocated to a new address or becoming permanently unavailable. This panel will be an informative discussion around the Internet’s ability to preserve information and knowledge. 

Open Innovation – COVID & Beyond 

The past year has brought home just how much health, the environment, and other concerns are intertwined with technology. Urgent crises depend on our ability to access information, share ideas, and scale innovations. Our panelists will reflect on how the open movement has revolutionized accessible knowledge to empower communities worldwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as longer-term issues. 

The New Palmyra Project 

New Palmyra Project (aka #NEWPALMYRA) is an effort to reconstruct the ancient city of Palmyra, one of the most significant heritage sites in the world, as an immersive virtual environment, based on archaeological and other clues. This panel will reflect on the project’s history from 2005 to the present, including founder Bassel Khartabil’s vision, the open community’s efforts since, and the importance of openly and digitally preserving these sites. 

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