Hack4OpenGLAM happens again in 2021 at the Creative Commons Global Summit 20–24 September!

The event is an opportunity for GLAM professionals, community archivists, creators, developers, platforms, tool creators and content communities with any level of experience to learn, work, and create with one another for the benefit of Open Access to cultural heritage.

Knowledge Equity

This year we focus on knowledge equity – Highlighting knowledge of individuals, communities, and cultures who have been left out of the spotlight of history, decolonizing cultural historical collections, and acknowledging responsible ways of sharing information online openly.


Register to Hack4OpenGLAM with your project, collection, tool, platform, idea, challenge or just yourself. You will be able to add and modify the information after the initial registration.

You can start already!


The hackathon is for doing and learning together. The first day (20 September 2021) is dedicated to a live stream that features workshops, discussions, and project pitches. If you wish to run a workshop, register your idea and start discussing it on the community platform. This way, the workshop program can be collaboratively prepared.


A project can be as sketchy as an idea or a topic, or as detailed as an already existing project. It can be a call-to-action around a task or a challenge to solve a problem. The projects are not expected to be technical, but they can be. Newcomers and experts are equally welcome. We encourage all participants to engage in the discussions around the projects as early as possible.

GLAMs and cultural heritage collections

Showcase your open collections for the participants and the world. But most importantly, join the activities yourself to learn and co-create with open cultural heritage.

Tools, technologies and platforms

Bring the tool or service you have developed, promote the use of your open platform or volunteer to offer your skills to help collaborative work. You can prepare small how-to-workshops, for example.

Ways of working

Live sessions

The first day of the hackathon is dedicated to workshops, discussions, and project pitches that take place on the conference platform. After three days of independent hacking, the crowd will again convene for the live Final Gala.


Collaboration starts on the community platform in the end of June and continues throughout the hackathon. Participating projects get dedicated channels where they can start working together and growing communities around their projects!


Hack4OpenGLAM Dashboard introduces the people and the projects at the event. It is a matchmaking place for the participants and a showcase of open content and projects. The dashboard shows the progression of the projects in real-time and preserves the results after the event.


Weekly meetups

Want to know more? Starting 8 July we will chat about Hack4OpenGLAM every Thursday. Join us on the call on Thursdays at 1 pm UTC.


Join the team as a regional ambassador! We are extending the call for regional ambassadors working especially in Arabic or Chinese until 25 July.

Regional ambassador

Become a regional ambassador and help build a global and equitable OpenGLAM community. The ambassador engages GLAM organizations, creators, and enablers in their area to join Hack4OpenGLAM, and helps us communicate with them. The ambassadors receive 500 euros remuneration for around 25 hours of work in August and September. 

  • Bring at least two GLAM organizations or communities to the hackathon.
  • Translate and accommodate Hack4OpenGLAM messages to a local language in the region.
  • Communicate the messages on mailing lists of your domain and on the Hack4OpenGLAM Twitter.
  • Respond to a reasonable amount of communications from the region.

Keep in contact

Hack4OpenGLAM is produced by AvoinGLAM / Creative Commons Finland in collaboration with the OpenGLAM Platform at Creative Commons, and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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