2018 CC Summit Concept

On Common Ground: Collaborate and Participate


Table of Contents
1. Purpose
2. Date and Location
3. Theme
4. Goals
5. Target participants and partners
6. Summit format and types of sessions
7. Suggestions for local and virtual engagement
8. Acknowledgments

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The Creative Commons Summit is an annual meeting that celebrates the culture of sharing, and provides a space for open communities to collectively grow a vibrant, usable commons, powered by collaboration and gratitude. The 2018 CC Global Summit will take place April 13 – 15, 2018, in Toronto. It builds on a new chapter envisioned for Creative Commons as both a renewed, strong and growing network and as part of the global open movement. This year’s Summit will provide a diverse and fun space for everyone to collaborate and be a part of the CC community and the future of the Commons. We will lay the groundwork that will provide us with a solid foundation for the shared, collaborative, and participatory community that we want to build and is needed for our movement to diversify and thrive.


Date and Location

The 2018 CC Global Summit will take place April 13 – 15, 2018, in Toronto.



“On Common Ground: Collaborate and Participate”



Goal 1: Understand the CC community and the new CC Network structure.

Who are we, and how do we grow and diversify our movement?

Areas of focus:

  • The new CC Network structure.
  • Participating in the CC community: collaborators, members and partners, country chapters, platforms and working groups.
  • Who are we and who are we missing? Which countries? Are we as diverse and inclusive as we seek to be? Who else should we invite to the CC community and Network?

Goal 2: Leveraging the power of the CC Network through inclusive and diverse participation: shared objectives, collaboration and communication.

What do we want to achieve, what will we do to achieve it, how will we do it, and with whom? How do we create safe spaces, in our incredibly diverse and growing community, for learning, adaptation, and growth? How can we support and celebrate the creation and sharing of knowledge by all people, and ensure it is technically and legally accessible for everyone?

Areas of focus:

  • Shared objectives: what do we want to achieve together?
  • Collaboration: discuss and plan for how the CC community will work together through Platforms, Working Groups, and international cross-country chapter projects.
  • Communication: providing skills, tools, insights, and access to people and organizations to enable participation and doing things together (communications, funding, common interests, etc.)


Target participants and partners

These are broad categories of people that we will consider when designing the 2018 CC Summit.

  • Active members of the CC network (e.g., CC network members, CC country teams)
  • Members of partner organizations (e.g. Mozilla, Wikimedia, Open Knowledge, etc.)
  • Creators and users working with open licenses (e.g. artists, educators, researchers)
  • Activists working on open access to information (e.g. lawyers, journalists)
  • Representatives of funding organizations (e.g. foundations, governments)
  • Potential members for any of the above (e.g. an organization or individual whose work or values align with CC but is not yet actively engaged in the movement)


Summit format and types of sessions

The Summit will be organized by “Tracks” (topics) and “Categories” (session focus). Sessions submitted during the “call for proposals” (starting on January 2, 2018) will be asked to align with at least one track and one category, in addition to aligning with the Summit theme and goal(s).


  • CC Global Network
  • Legal and Copyright Reform
  • Open Education and Open Access
  • Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM)
  • User-Centered Commons
  • CC and New Technologies
  • Future of the Commons


  • Collaboration, Communication & Community
  • Skills & Training
  • Strategy, Policy & Advocacy
  • Governance & Infrastructure


  • All sessions will be open to everyone at the Summit.
  • Sessions will include introductory as well as advanced content.
  • The program track chairs will work to create a program that reflects the diversity of the CC global community.
  • Multiple session types will be welcome, but those that align with the Summit goals will be favoured (e.g. workshops, group discussions).
  • Keynotes will be a way to open the conversation and allow us to explore topics that go beyond the Summit goals.

Suggestions for local and virtual engagement

Due to resources, the CC Communications and Summit teams will make the final decision on what elements can be incorporated.

  • Live streaming and recording of keynotes
  • Google Doc notes / pads for each session – linked to Sched program
  • Live streaming sessions (e.g. Virtually Connecting)
  • Slack channels
  • Podcast stations
  • Comfortable spaces for smaller meetings (unconference space)
  • Translation of Keynote presentations and session notes



This concept document is the result of hard work by many dedicated volunteers in the CC community, to whom we owe our gratitude.