2020 Poster Submissions

This Submission Guide is created to assist you in completing the online Poster Submissions form. All submissions must be made through the online Poster Submissions form.

Please review the information in this Submission Guide before completing the online form. Please do not email, fax, or mail in your answers to the questions below. If you have any issues, please contact summit@creativecommons.org.

In this Guide:

Poster Submissions Timeline

The deadline to submit a poster is 19 Feb 2020 – 11:59pm EST (-5:00 UTC)

Selected presenters will receive notification in early April 2020 (subject to change).

Poster Requirements

For optimum viewing, please adhere to the following requirements when submitting your file:

  • Portrait orientation
  • Resolution 1080×1920 px
  • File type .png or .jpg
  • For clarity, we suggest that you use letter size 36 for titles and 24 for texts

Tips on creating an excellent poster can be found at the LSE Impact Blog – How to design an award-winning conference poster 

Funding for Presenters

It is not mandatory to attend the event if your poster is accepted. For this reason, the poster submission is an option for those who cannot make it to the Summit. 

CC has limited funds to offer scholarships to participate in the Summit. We prioritize participation of contributing community members, but recognize that some who wish to present will require subsidy. The online Poster Submission form asks potential presenters to indicate if a) they have applied for a scholarship and b) if funding is a determining factor in their acceptance of a presentation opportunity. The acceptance of a poster does not guarantee funding will be awarded.

Submission Form Content

Please note the information below is for your reference only, and to submit your proposal you must visit https://ccglobalsummit.secure-platform.com/

Personal Information for Presenters

You are not required to be registered for the CC Summit to submit your proposal or to have your poster displayed at the summit. 

  • Name of primary presenter
  • Primary presenter organizational affiliation (if applicable)
  • Primary presenter email
  • Relevant URLs (e.g., organization website, blog, social media, etc.)
    You may include up to three links that are relevant to your poster submission. Please note that if you are providing links, you must include a complete URL in these fields, including the “http://” prefix.
  • Primary presenter world region
  • Primary presenter country of residence

Poster Details

Summit Tracks

Which Track does your submission relate to?

  • Creators of the Commons – The faces, work, and stories of those building the Commons 
  • Powering the CommonsExploring the tools, technology, and communities that power the Commons
  • Open Education and Open Scholarship Supporting communities that practice open access to education and scholarship
  • Open Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums – Improving and expanding open access to cultural heritage
  • Policy and Advocacy promoting the Commons – Strategies for legal action and copyright reform

Digital Poster File Requirements

For optimum viewing, please adhere to the following requirements when submitting your file:

  • Portrait orientation
  • Resolution 1080×1920 px
  • File type .png or .jpg
  • For clarity, we suggest that you use letter size 36 for titles and 24 for texts

Please propose a title for your work. We may change or edit it with you later. (maximum 120 characters)


Please provide a short description for your poster that could be read as part of the summit program. (maximum 600 characters)

Diversity Considerations

Preference will be given to sessions that incorporate voices from diverse backgrounds and/or different global communities. How does your session accomplish this? (max 600 characters)


We hope to fill the Summit program with sessions that lead to collective action – the more concrete, the better. What outcome / actions are you hoping to achieve with your work? (maximum 600 characters) 

Required Reading and Acknowledgments

International Travel Requirements

Creative Commons is committed to helping you have a successful journey to attend the Global Summit, but if you attend you will be responsible for obtaining any necessary visas or travel authorizations, as well as paying any associated costs.

Please review the information at https://summit.creativecommons.org/traveling-to-portugal. It will help you determine what travel authorization you may need in order to attend.

I have reviewed the information at https://summit.creativecommons.org/traveling-to-portugal  

I understand I am ultimately responsible for obtaining and paying for any necessary visas or travel authorizations that I may need.

Code of Conduct

Please read the event Code of Conduct at https://summit.creativecommons.org/summit-code-of-conduct/ All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are expected to cooperate to help ensure a safe environment for everyone. Creative Commons reserves the right to deny registration or attendance at the Summit as set forth in our Code of Conduct.

Privacy Policy

To complete this form, we are asking you to provide sensitive and personally identifiable information about yourself. You should know that we take our obligations to your privacy seriously. Please review our privacy policy at https://creativecommons.org/privacy

Just a Little More Information…

The questions in this section are optional. Any info you provide below will not be used as criteria for our program selection process. We are collecting this information for future improvements only.

Have you applied for a scholarship to attend the Summit? 

How did you hear about the 2020 Global Summit? (maximum 120 characters)

In what ways are you involved in Creative Commons or the open movement? Check all that apply.

  • I am a member of a Creative Commons Chapter
  • I am an active contributor to the commons
  • I have participated in a Creative Commons project in my region or country
  • I have participated in an open culture project in my region or country through another organization (e.g., Wikimedia, Mozilla, etc.)
  • I am a member of another open culture organization (e.g., Wikimedia, Mozilla, etc.)
  • Other

How long have you been connected with the Creative Commons movement? Please select one only.

  • I’m a longtime member/contributor
  • I’ve recently become involved with the community
  • I’m new, but interested in becoming an active contributor
  • Other

What topics are you interested in? Check all that apply.

  • Activism
  • Arts
  • Business models
  • Community development
  • Copyright
  • Culture
  • Data
  • Education
  • Galleries Libraries Archives & Museums (GLAMs)
  • Government
  • Platforms
  • Policy
  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • Media
  • Research
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Other

Thank you for your interest in being part of the 2020 Creative Commons Global Summit. Ready to apply? Visit our Application Portal